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All About Us

And Above All YOGAAnd Above All Yoga is a division of The Fischel Group LLC. But that is the technical side of our organization. I won't bother you with much more of that stuff mostly because it is boring. 

My name is Roger Passman and I am the managing partner of The Fischel Group. As And Above All YOGAmy career developed over time, I moved from retail management to the love of my life, teaching. I like to think that I never worked a day in my life because I have never done anything that I didn't love. Going to work was a joy, one that I used to say I would do for free. Then I reached the age of retirement. YIKES, what was I going to do with my time?

One day, sitting around in our kitchen over coffee, my wife, Susan, suggested that we form a company to offer high-quality yoga apparel and gear that we could have our friends at Mudpie Designs create for us. We decided then and there to explore the possibilities including platforms, product sourcing, and delivery options. We wanted to offer a range of custom designed yoga pants, Capris, and shorts along with sports bras and tee-shirts alongside our leggings. We wanted to offer our products at a fair price, create a return policy second to none, and provide a fast turnaround from order to delivery.

The task we set for ourselves was not easy but after a great deal of time spent researching suppliers and sources to fulfill orders, we found a combination that worked not only for us but for our customers as well. One of our criteria, perhaps the most important one, was to be able to provide free shipping to our customers while still having the ability to keep the cost friendly and still make some money ourselves. We have done that. Another of our goals was to provide as little of our product line from foreign sources, mainly China and other Asian countries. We have done that as well. Sure you'll find Asian goods in our offerings but these offerings are diminishing as we develop more domestic sources. 

What all this means is with our made to order yoga apparel, a 3 to 4 day production period is followed by a 4 to 7 shipping period. In short, the longest it should take for a made to order garment is 11 days and that is under the worst of conditions. Most of our shipments arrive within a 7 to a 9-day range. So no more waiting 20 to 30 days for your order to arrive.

Our refund policy is another area where we decided that ours should be second to none. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, no matter what the reason, simply go to our return portal and request a return. We won't turn you down but we do ask that you tell us why you are returning the item for our own internal interests. Understanding the why of returns allows us to make internal adjustments to correct problems. We also send you a mailing label which allows us to track returns better. We do require you to pay for return shipping if you are returning outright. In the case of exchanges, we will ship the replacement item to you at our expense. We keep this simple and easy so you know up front that the process is geared to your satisfaction. So, in a nutshell, our policy is quite simple...GIVE THE CUSTOMER WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS

So that's it, we sell yoga apparel and yoga-related gear at fair prices with free shipping. We have a very liberal return policy geared to keep you happy. Finally, we pride ourselves on the prompt fulfillment of orders so that you receive your order in a reasonable length of time.