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Some Adjustments to And Above All Yoga

Over the past several weeks we have been implementing a product decision that will impact the yoga gear we stock. The principal decision we made was to source over 90% of our offerings from sources in the United States. The second decision was to engage in a program of designing 90% of our offerings so that our merchandise is unique to our shop. What is really nice is that these two decisions overlap nearly perfectly. 

Our main focus in on yoga gear and apparel. In terms of apparel, we focus on sports bras and yoga pants. In addition, we add various forms of tee-shirts from classic tees to tank tops and crop tops. We also design hoodies, long-sleeve tees and we are looking into some swimwear but that is for another discussion.

Let's face it, the days of inexpensive goods from China and other Asian countries is over for a while. Sourcing our product line from the United States makes nothing but sense. Not only does it mean support for the US economy, creating jobs in the US and not in Asian sweatshops.

We still will carry some Asian goods but our plan is to drop all imports as soon as we can replace the items with goods from the United States. It is simple and an idea that has been forced on us by the blind muddling of the present administration. I would only wish that the tariff policy was more focused and protective of US industry and jobs than it seems to be. Not that tariffs are a bad thing, they are not. But the policy should be focused and clear rather than punitive. But enough of politics. I think that the US will benefit from rather than suffer under tariffs and that will help all of us.

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