Build a Fitness Wardrobe through Bundling Offers

There are no excuses...If you are going to look your best while working out, it pays to build a small, comfortable fitness wardrobe. Getting the right clothing for working out only makes sense. In our last blog post, I suggested that there are critical reasons for wearing the right clothing while working out. If that clothing can serve a dual purpose, so much the better. It just makes sense to wear the clothes that are designed for the particular activity you engage in. Bundling your options is a really powerful way to build a complete wardrobe and save money at the same time.

What is Bundling

Bundling is a way to save while taking advantage of a store's ability to discount complementary items. In most cases, the retailer pre-selects items offered to the customer. This is done for the benefit of the retailer first and the customer second. Often bundles are created offering items that have not sold well. By discounting these particular items, the retailer hopes to get rid of products that are a burden on cash flow. While the consumer gets a great deal, it may end up as a second choice in order to take advantage of the discount.

The And Above All Alternative Bundling Approach

Yes, at And Above All Health we offer bundles but we offer them in a substantially different way. Our bundles are offered for a limited time and they focus on consumer choice. Our products are classified according to their use. So we have apparel, hydration supplies, fitness equipment, fitness trackers and so on. Sometimes, we create bundles where the consumer selects two or three products from a single category. The discount is applied at checkout. No codes to enter, no forced pairings. The choice is made by the consumer as they are shopping. 

Other times we create offers among two to three categories. Make a selection in apparel, another in hydration supplies, and still another in fitness trackers and the shopping cart knows what is being submitted, applies the proper discount and saves you money on the items you wish to purchase without store interference. Bundling between categories may include two or three categories from which to select.

We decided to bundle in this manner because we believe in an old principle of retailing. First uttered by the great Chicago retailer, Marshall FIeld; that principle is "Give the lady what she wants." When FIeld first uttered this in the 1890's his language was Victorian for sure. To modernize Field's dictum, I would simply say, "Give the customer what the customer wants." Forcing choice does not follow this principle. Let me give you an example. Let's say we bundled a pair of yoga Capri pants and a racerback tank top of the same design. Let's also imagine that you, as the customer, would rather have a matched set that included a crop top rather than the tank top. You couldn't do it through the forced bundling but through bundling by choice YOU CAN!

How to Identify Bundles by Choice

A forced bundle will show up on only products selected for bundling. On the page for a specific yoga Capri, you would see the offering of the pants and the racerback tank top. You would also see this bundle on the product page for the matching tank top. This bundle would not show up in any other location.

Bundle By ChoiceIn a bundle by choice, the bundle shows up on every page in the corresponding category. It looks a bit different because the product images for that category will be the same. In this way, you can create sets of matching items or you may decide to mix and match your purchases. The choice is yours. If all you want are yoga pants, pick two and manufacture your own discount. You are in full command of the items you wish to include in your exclusive bundle. In fact, the only thing you have no control over are the categories we preselect for bundling. Within the category, you have no restrictions. Not only that but if you have an additional discount code, you may apply it at checkout as well. No worries. With this form of bundle, all you do is add two items from the categories on offer to your shopping cart. At checkout, the discount is automatically applied. 

Go to And Above All and see what categories are open to customer designed bundles. 

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