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Announcing our Exclusive Line of Fitness Apparel

To complement our selection of commercially available yoga pants and other related fitness clothing, we are proudly announcing our own branded line of fitness clothing. From yoga pants to racerback tank tops, we are working closely with Mudpie Designs to create a line that is exclusively our own. That's right, the clothing in this line cannot be found at any retail store or online store other than at And Above All Health and Fitness.

Isn't an Exclusive Line Quite Expensive?

Spring Flowers T-ShirtActually, no. Our prices for the exclusive line of clothing are quite reasonable. No, they aren't the least expensive we offer. Nor are they in the league of most expensive. They sit right in the middle. That was one of our important requirements as we started working with Mudpie Designs. The clothing had to be affordable for most people.

We also worked with top manufacturers to find a line that occupied the middle range of prices. We did not wish to skrimp on quality to get a great price for our customers. We didn't. Not only that, but we decided that we didn't wish to be held hostage by manufacturing companies outside of the United States since the States are our market. We stumbled on a manufacturer that prints and ships all of our exclusive line from either California or the Carolinas. Taking up to 3 days to print and sew a shirt, the FREE delivery we offer generally takes another 2 to 5 days to reach your doorstep. We think this is a bonus for our customers. It certainly makes for fewer sleepless nights on our side of the ledger as well.

Some Additional Things We are Working On

We are currently thinking about a couple of things that will change the entire ball game for us and for our customers. The first deals with the further exclusivity of our exclusive products by creating limited additions. The second will allow our customers to opt for paid express shipping. Even though patience is a virtue, many of us are simply too anxious and want immediate satisfaction. 

Limited Editions

One thing we are thinking about in the arena of limited editions of some of our exclusive fitness clothing line is to limit the number sold to somewhere between 100 to 500. Once gone, these shirts and pants will never come back again. We are currently working on how we can do this without raising the price.

Another way to think about exclusivity is to limit the time that an item will be offered. So let's say we have a new design for a fall yoga product. We might then think about placing that item up for sale for the month of August. Once September 1 rolls around, the item is no longer offered for sale again.

We will keep you informed about exactly how this process develops. We expect to work out the details by the first of June.

Express Shipping

Right now, we offer FREE shipping. We use any number of sources for shipping but the choice is always and forever ours. The choices we make are ones that are not express shippers. But what if we offered a choice in shipping beyond our FREE offer. We are thinking about creating two to three additional express shipping options that will be faster than the USPS. We are looking at how to accomplish this and still keep shipping affordable.

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