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Yoga Capris - Dressing Down To Dress Up

Yoga Capris-Big BangDoes it matter much what clothing you wear when practicing yoga? I am convinced it does. People like yourself often take to yoga because it is comforting to the mind and the spirit. So, the question is, why not make absolutely certain your body is comfortable as well? Yoga Capris provide you with a certainty that you'll be comfortable working out.
Look, yoga pants come in a variety of forms. Some are form fitting while others are loose, almost flowing, around the body. In this post, I focus on one style of yoga pants, yoga Capris. Even Capris come in a variety of lengths. Some end just above the knee, some around mid-calf. Personally, I like the latter in my own practice. I also see more of this length in the yoga studios I go to. But, it is important to say that this is a personal choice and not a declaration of what one must do.

Yoga Capris and Comfort

When thinking yoga apparel the first thing on your mind must be your comfort. If you aren't comfortable in your workout clothing your workout will be miserable.
In the beginning, when you are just starting, your yoga attire must adapt to basic stretching. Baggy yoga pants are often a choice for beginners because they perform well for most basic poses. Yet, I find stretchable, form-fitting yoga Capris to be better for two reasons.
  1. They stretch in all directions making them perfect for beginners and experts as well.
  2. Modern yoga Capris wick moisture away from the skin. For people like me, this is important because I tend to perspire a lot when working out. Moisture-wicking properties turn my sweat into a cooling machine because moisture evaporates quickly. This cooling effect alone makes my choice of yoga Capris better.
Avoid yoga apparel that is stiff or tight fitting. Form-fitting does not mean you must squeeze into a size that is too small for your body. Do this and your concentration plummets and stress rises. You might find yourself cursing your decision to follow a yoga path. Do yourself a favor and think sizing that focuses on your form without trying to create a new form.

Yoga Capris and Thinking Vacation

I generally suggest that when one thinks about workout apparel it is good to think about vacations. Yes, vacations! Holiday attire is uniquely suited for practicing yoga. Yoga pants to the ankle, shorts, and yoga Capris are all perfect for vacations. They are also great for the yoga studio.
Another way of thinking about yoga Capris is to think about your casual wardrobe. If you can wear it to work out, you can wear it shopping or lunching, or hanging out with friends. The dual use of yoga apparel is a bonus you don't get with a whole lot of other casual clothing choices. Make use of this bonus when selecting your workout clothing.

Yoga Capris and Ideal Yoga Attire

In most cases, the ideal yoga attire should be what you wear in an air-conditioned room. When you begin a workout in such a room it may feel colder than you'd like. But if you wear clothing suited to the start of a workout, by the time you are into your routine you'll be cursing the heat.
I like yoga Capris because they tend to be okay when I enter a yoga studio. By the time I get into my routine, feel the stretch and the elation of the work, I am fine. Not too cold nor too hot. Sort of like Goldilocks, just right.
I also use a sports bra underneath a t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves when I enter the studio. I will remove the t-shirt during the workout but will put it back on at the end of the workout. This provides me with a bit of extra protection from the cold.
In Bikram (hot) Yoga, however, because the studio is quite warm, Yoga Capris or shorts are a great choice. Carry an extra top for when you leave the studio and re-enter the 'normal' temperatures of the world.

Yoga Capris: A Final Thought

If comfort is king when choosing yoga clothing, then personal fashion taste is queen. There are no 'rules' when it comes to selecting yoga attire. Choose a look you are comfortable with. I like shops that design unique patterns that are only available in their own shop. This way, I am able to display my own uniqueness to the world.
In the end, your main goal must be to dress for workout comfort. Whether you choose yoga Capris or something else is a personal choice best left to you. My only purpose in this post is to point out some important comfort considerations when making your selections.

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