And Above All Yoga

Stress and Breath: A Key to Letting Go

Yikes, the daily stress of life seems to overwhelm just when it does the most damage. Let me share a personal example, one I suspect will resonate with many of you reading this. A few years ago, I was working in a sales job that had a great deal of promise.

Yoga: Learning to Live a Meditative Life

Orange is the New Black, the Netflix prison drama, begins with a song by Regina Spektor. The second half of the song begins, “Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard.” It is in this sentiment that I write this piece. I write this piece in a spirit of yoga and meditation leading to clarity of action and spirit.

Yes, Men Actually Do Yoga!

So you want to get fit, feel great, reach your life goals? Why not try yoga? Look, I know that yoga may not seem masculine for the American man. I confess I had that response when I first considered the idea of practicing yoga. But I must also confess that I was 100% wrong. 

Yoga Gear and A Bit More

From the beginning to levels of mastery, yoga is a demanding discipline. Yoga postures are not meant to cause pain, but that does not translate into being easy. A slow yet steady approach seems to be the best way to approach the practice of yoga.

Yoga Clothes? Choose the Best You Can Afford!

Let's begin with the obvious. When you choose Yoga clothes you should look for apparel that is both comfortable and reflects a look you like. That ...

Doing Yoga for Beginners

Yoga seems to be everywhere. Women walk around in yoga apparel while celebrities espouse the benefits of Yoga. It may even be that your neighbor next door practices Yoga. It seems as though half of everyone you know is somehow hooked on Yoga. Yoga has many levels of practice. As a physical exercise, it can be demanding...

Why Yoga Apparel or Aren't Jeans Enough?

Yoga wear is designed to make your fitness experience, whether it is yoga or any other activity, more enjoyable. Proper fit, fabric stretch, and durability are all important aspects to consider. Look for bold designs in mid-priced yoga apparel and you'll be perfectly fine. Buy too cheaply and you'll spend as much you would on mid-priced garments. Spend more than you need to doesn't provide any significant benefit in the three major factors up for consideration.

Yoga Apparel Are Today's Status Apparel

In the face of male criticism, why have yoga pants become so popular among women of all ages, shapes, and sizes? In this post, I briefly discuss the power of consumer-created mythology that overcomes the negative critique replacing it with a women-created story about the garments they choose to buy and wear.

Yoga Claims, Are they Believable?

Yoga claims, are they Believable? This is a question that deserves a little attention. In the end, some claims are and many are not. Claims that require a scientific approach for rigorous proof are not yet available. Claims that require anecdotal evidence are more readily believable. In the end, there is good reason to be skeptical of some of the more bombastic claims but little reason to give up the practice of yoga if you like doing it.

Yoga in a Nutshell: A Brief Outline of Belief

Yoga, in a nutshell, takes an ever so brief description of the foundations of yoga practice. It is not meant to be a complete dissertation of the thought or practice of yoga, rather it is meant to be an overly simplistic overview that may serve to peak your interest in the practice itself.

Seeking Validation? Look Within!

Seeking validation for actions or thoughts from an external source is self-defeating. True validation comes from looking within to accept the uncontrollable, to change what you are able to change, and the ability to make that clear distinction. In this post, I tell a Buddhist story of enlightenment to illustrate the point.

Four Reasons To Consider And Above All Yoga Apparel!

At And Above All YOGA we think four essential traits set us apart from the crowd.  

  • Quality
  • Shock Value 
  • Fashion, and, 
  • A Fair Price

Each of these four attributes direct positive energy toward our made to order, custom designed yoga apparel. While quality and durability ought to be a given, many manufacturers skimp on quality. We do not. If you are interested in basic, run of the mill, yoga apparel, you are in the wrong place. We take shock value to a new level, almost guaranteeing you'll be the only one wearing our clothing in your circle of friends. Fashion at a fair price, that is the bonus our customers are looking for. It is yours for the asking.